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Welcome to Aramis Khorchdian’s BioTechnology Blog. Here, Aramis regularly reviews and publishes articles on recent developments in the biotech industry.

A Q&A with Aramis Khorchidian

  Aramis Khorchidian is a high school student at the International School of Geneva (also known as Ecolint). Beginning his senior year in just a few days, Aramis plans to attend college in pursuit of a career in the biotechnology field. Aramis is a highly...

CRISPR gene editing, the ultimate cure?

CRISPR gene editing, the ultimate cure?

     So what’s all the rage with Clustered Regularly Interspersed Palindromic Repeats A.K.A ‘CRISPR’? Well for starters it cured a man from HIV (the first ever cure for HIV), but it has also opened up innumerable possibilities for both industry, therapeutic use and...

How AI is reshaping healthcare

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to emerge as a prevailing form of technology, its impact has been felt in a variety of industries worldwide. The healthcare world is no different, as AI is currently being used to revolutionize and redesign many aspects of the...