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Welcome to Aramis Khorchdian’s BioTechnology Blog. Here, Aramis regularly reviews and publishes articles on recent developments in the biotech industry.

A Q&A with Aramis Khorchidian

  Aramis Khorchidian is a high school student at the International School of Geneva (also known as Ecolint). Beginning his senior year in just a few days, Aramis plans to attend college in pursuit of a career in the biotechnology field. Aramis is a highly...
CRISPR gene editing, the ultimate cure?

CRISPR gene editing, the ultimate cure?

     So what’s all the rage with Clustered Regularly Interspersed Palindromic Repeats A.K.A ‘CRISPR’? Well for starters it cured a man from HIV (the first ever cure for HIV), but it has also opened up innumerable possibilities for both industry, therapeutic use and...